How to Make Out and 10 Steps to Make it Oh-So-Sexy!

how to make out

Are you stressed out about making out for the first time? Use these 10 naughty and sexy steps on how to make out and you’ll feel like a pro in minutes!

If you were to ask a friend how to make out, the first thing they’d tell you is that it comes naturally.

And they’re definitely not wrong.

Arousal and sexual intimacy does come naturally, because it’s in our instincts.

But instincts don’t work in your favor all the time, especially when you panic or get stressed out.

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A first kiss is always a bit of a worry, even if you’re a serial kisser.

It’s a whole new experience and you just don’t know how your new sweetie would move or use their lips and their tongue.

So if you’re worried you’d end up making out badly or make a fool of yourself, seriously, don’t worry about it!

As long as you know these steps here, you’d be able to work your magic every single time!

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How to make out like a know-it-all!

It doesn’t matter if you’re making out for the first time or the hundredth time, just keeping a few simple steps in mind will always make making out feel really good.

Firstly, you need to remember that a kiss is just a small part of making out. There’s so much more to do! Think about it, you have a whole body that’s tingling with sexual arousal, so why limit your make out moves to just the lips?

Many guys and girls assume making out is all about starting at the lips, and moving downwards one step after the other. But really, making out is so much more than that, and it’s so much more sexier than that too!

10 steps to make out and make it feel oh-so-sexy!

If you’ve just started dating someone and are on the verge of making out with them, read these 10 steps on how to make out and use them. Your sweetheart would definitely be amazed by how good you are, and assume you’re a sex god or a sex goddess who’s a know-it-all when it comes to making out! [Read: How to be a seductress and a sex goddess who’s desired by all guys]

#1 The perfect setting. If you want to have a good time making out, both of you need to feel comfortable in your surroundings. Find a place that’s quiet and isolated where you won’t be interrupted by anyone. Privacy is important if you want to avoid distractions and build the connection.

#2 Don’t expect the mood to be perfect right away. The way both of you feel at that very moment plays a big part in making out. If you’ve had phone sex or texted each other a few dirty lines the earlier evening or if both of you decide to finally make out on the next date, don’t assume the mood would be just right when both of you meet up. [Read: 22 tips to have phone sex like a sexy sassy minx!]

Just be yourself, and don’t worry too much about how you’re going to make out. When the moment comes, you’ll instinctively be ready. [Read: 6 sneaky ways to get a guy to kiss you just when you want him to!]

#3 Don’t be hasty. If you want the first time you make out to be steamy and passionate, don’t rush it. Rushing into it too fast will almost always ruin it. Just relax and sit down with each other. Both of you could watch a movie together, just talk or hang out.

#4 Build the sexual tension. Both of you may like each other a lot and find each other attractive. But what you do at that particular moment while hanging out together can make everything feel so much sexier, and build the right setting for a perfect make out. [Read: 13 signs you’re feeling the sexual tension in the room]

Find excuses to sit down next to each other without making it obvious that you’re coming closer just to make out. Talk softly in a low voice and avoid getting jumpy or overexcited while saying something, or you’ll kill the sensual mood you’re trying to set.

Clasp your sweetheart’s hands gently and talk about something romantic or sweet, like the first time both of you started falling for each other. [Read: How to make a girl horny and wet just by sitting next to her!]

#5 Get close, really close. Warming your partner up before you actually start making out with each other is a perfect way to connect with each other and build the passion even before kissing each other.

Touch your partner or move your index finger gently across the length of their arm or their cheek, and compliment them about their appearance as you’re doing that. Just doing this will get your partner’s heart racing with sexual arousal!

Look into each other’s eyes, and occasionally run your fingers through their hair. Sit down really close and just sink into that moment of carnal bliss, because at this very moment, both of you would be feeling really horny and aroused. [Read: 6 clever ways to kiss a friend and get away with it!]

#6 Don’t kiss immediately. If you feel like the moment is right, you can kiss your partner as soon as you feel it. But if you’re still nervous about kissing, hold that thought. Forcing a kiss on your new sweetheart too soon may make things awkward for both of you, especially if you’re not ready for it.

Instead, move your face really close to your partner’s face as you sit next to them. You can rub your nose against their cheek or even kiss their cheek really close to their lips. Or if you want to take it slower, place your palm along the back of their neck, move in close and softly kiss the neck right under the chin or the ear, and just breathe into the kiss. Take your time, and don’t try to rush in at any point. Just enjoy the moment. [Read: 10 sexy tips to kiss really passionately and romantically]

#7 Enjoy the sensation. Close your eyes and enjoy the sensation as you run your hands all over your partner. Breathe into their skin, enjoy the way your hands feel over their arms or shoulders, feel the texture of their hair through your fingers. Wrap your arms around them and run it along the length of their back. Relish the sexual intoxication you feel as both of you run your hands against each other.

#8 Arouse the erogenous zones. You can kiss your partner at any point of time, when you feel like it. But every few minutes, take a break from the kissing and enjoy the rest of your lover’s body. Without breaking the sensual moment, move your lips away from their lips. Slowly and passionately, continue kissing them around their lips, their neck or their ear lobes.

Bring your face away from their face, and without breaking the flow, kiss their shoulders, move on and bite their arms gently and eventually bring their fingers to your lips. Kiss their fingers and run your tongue over their fingers, while moving your hands all over their body.

Every little body part that sticks out like the nose, ears, fingers, toes, ankles, elbows is a potential erogenous zone that is just screaming for your touch when you make out with someone. Run your hands and lips all over their body, and you’ll definitely arouse your partner and make them want to explode in sexual ecstasy! [Read: How to kiss a girl by arousing her senses]

#9 Perfecting the kiss while making out. One thing you need to know about the kiss is that it’s just like clasping hands and interlacing fingers with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s really simple, isn’t it? But just to hold each other’s hands, both of you have to move your fingers perfectly while coordinating with each other to make sure your fingers interlace perfectly, right?

A kiss works the same way. Tilt your head slightly *it’ll help you breathe more easily*, part your lips just a little and place your lips gently against your partner’s lips and kiss them. Don’t move your lips a lot at least for the first few seconds so you can enjoy the sensation without any worry of what you need to do next. [Read: 18 tips to kiss for the first time and turn your partner on instantly!]

You don’t even need to use your tongue the first time. But if you do want to, then go ahead and try it. When both of you get the rhythm right *just like interlacing your fingers*, you can push the tip of your tongue into your partner’s lips for a few seconds and see how it feels. If you like it, you can go ahead and let your tongue wander just a bit more as time passes.

As long as you don’t stress yourself out and just enjoy the sensation, your instincts will kick in and work its magic.

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#10 Don’t get carried away. Making out is fun and the pleasure is an intoxicating rush. But that doesn’t mean you should get carried away and try something that both of you aren’t ready for. If you do use these moves to the tee, your partner will turn into soft putty in your hands, and they’ll have a hard time resisting anything you do! So you must remember to avoid taking advantage of the situation.

Don’t push your luck when you’re making out, at least for the first time. If your hands wander somewhere that your partner isn’t comfortable with, and they hold your hand back or stiffen up, don’t push ahead in the heat of the moment. Respect your partner so both of you can have an enjoyable experience.

Remember, both of you will always have plenty of time to take things further and try something new with each other. And making out always feels best when every new sexual experience is experienced one step at a time!

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Just remember these 10 tips on how to make out, and both of you will have an exceptionally good time making out. But keep this in mind, the stronger and slower you build the passion and tension, the better the making out will feel!

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