Flirting Flings

playful banter
How to Have Playful Banter & Keep the Flirting Alive Forever

If you want to keep your relationship fun, having playful banter is essential. Here’s how to keep flirting no matter how long you’ve been together.

how to flirt over text
How to Flirt Over Text and Intrigue Someone With Only Your Words

Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more important for you to be able to effectively flirt via messaging. Here’s how to flirt over text the right way.

flirting at work

Flirting at Work: 10 Ways to Keep It Harmlessly Innocent and Fun

We all have that hot coworker we can’t help but make googley eyes at. But flirting at work can’t cross a line or trouble will be sure to follow.

good morning texts

Good Morning Texts: 50 Ways to Start Someone’s Day with a Smile

The morning sets the tone for your entire day. If you want to make that special someone in your life’s day brighter try these good morning texts.

games to play over tex

Games to Play Over Text: 15 Fun Games to Connect with Each Other

We spend so much time waiting for things. Try these fun games to play over text to pass the time or to get to know one another a little better.

Types of Kisses

15 Types of Kisses: Deciphering the Truth Behind Their Smooch

There are tons of kisses you can get from your lovers and friends. Here’s how to decipher the types of kisses in order to understand their affection.

Eye Fucking

Eye Fucking: Master the Art and Get Them to Eye Fuck You Back

“The eyes are the windows to the soul,” as the saying goes. But you might not know this phrase: eye fucking. So, what exactly is it?

Prolonged Eye Contact

Prolonged Eye Contact When Flirting: What it Means & How to Do It

If there’s one thing that happens most often when flirting, it’s prolonged eye contact. Here’s just what it means and how you can master it yourself.

good tinder bios

Good Tinder Bios that Get You Dates: 12 Tweaks for a Perfect Bio

Dating can be both fun and frustrating. So if you’re looking for your fish in the sea, here are some tips to write good Tinder bios to get you a date.

how to ask someone out

How to Ask Someone Out: 16 Flirty Moves for Strangers and Friends

Asking someone out for the first time can be nerve wracking. These 16 flirty ideas will wow your crush when trying to figure out how to ask someone out.

how to know if you are attractive

Hotness Decoder: How to Know if You are Attractive to Someone

It can be one thing to think you’re a good-looking person, it can be another to know if someone else thinks so. This is how to know if you are attractive.

Totally Smitten

Totally Smitten or Mildly Crushing? 10 Ways to Split Them Apart

Have a crush on someone, but not sure exactly how much you really like them? These tips help you decide if you are totally smitten by your crush.

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