Flirting Flings

how to flirt over text
How to Flirt Over Text and Intrigue Someone With Only Your Words

Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more important for you to be able to effectively flirt via messaging. Here’s how to flirt over text the right way.

Text Conversation Starters
15 Text Conversation Starters for the Shy and Socially Awkward

Texting is hard if you’re shy or not socially graceful. Here are some solid text conversation starters for those of you who fit those descriptions.

eye contact attraction

Eye Contact Attraction: It’s Powerful, But Is It Fatal or Real?

Eye contact attraction is when you are instantly attracted to someone after gazing into their eyes. Beware, what you think you see. It might not be real.

how to be sexually attractive

How to Be Sexually Attractive: 33 Subtle Ways to Seduce Anyone

We all want it, but understanding how to be sexually attractive might stump even the best of us. Here are 33 tips to help you make them want you!

how to get your friend to like you

13 Friend Zone Hacks: How to Get Your Friend to Like You More

Knowing how to get your friend to like you isn’t something most people learn in their lifetime and it makes them lose out. Don’t be that person.

colorful heart emojis

Colorful Heart Emojis: How to Decode Their Meaning & Use it Right

Heart emojis are everywhere. In our texts, social media feeds, and in products we buy. Here is what each color heart means so you don’t make a faux pas.

how to have swag

How to Have Swag: 22 Confident Ways to Look Cool Doing Anything

Do you need more swag? If you’re wondering how to have swag, here are 22 ways to develop an inner confidence everyone will be jealous of!

chemistry between two people

How to Tell if There’s Serious Chemistry Between Two People

If you’re just an onlooker or you want to know if you have a connection with someone, knowing the signs of chemistry between two people is essential.

mutual sexual tension

15 Signs of Mutual Sexual Tension & How to Handle Your Horniness

Having mutual sexual tension can be really difficult to deal with, especially if you can’t satiate it. Here’s how to handle your irrational desires.

how to flirt with your crush

How to Flirt With Your Crush: 15 Easy Ways to Make Them Fall Hard

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, wondering how to flirt with your crush. With practice, I went from tragic to flirting queen.

how to tell if the sexual tension is mutual

How to Tell if the Sexual Tension Is Mutual: Is it Mutual Lust?

You stared at this person all night long from across the club and you want them bad. But knowing how to tell if the sexual tension is mutual can be tricky.

Lip Biting

Lip Biting: The Scientific Explanations as to Why It’s Oh So Sexy

We’ve all heard the tips about lip biting when it comes to turning someone on. But why is this seemingly innocent maneuver so sexy? Science weighs in.