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coffee date conversation starters
20 Intriguing Conversation Starters for a Casual Coffee Date

When meeting someone for the first time, a coffee date is the best way to go. Here’s how to have great conversation while sipping something hot.

how to behave on a first date
How to Behave on a First Date: 16 Tips to Make a Good Impression

You can plan all you want, dress fancy and go the whole nine yards. But if you don’t know how to behave on a first date, all your plans count for nothing.

Relationship Break Rules

Relationship Break Rules: 12 Rules You Should Follow on a Break

Sometimes, you just need a break. Or you need some time on your own to figure out how to break up with them. But, follow these relationship break rules.

how to make conversation over text

How to Make Conversation Over Text So You Never Bore Your Crush

Knowing how to make conversation over text is crucial if you want to entertain your crush and get them to like you. Here’s how to do it.

Dead End Relationship

Dead End Relationship Alert: 7 Blatant Signs that Predict a Fail

A dead end relationship is exactly what it implies. When in one, you start on a road to nowhere. Make sure to spot these caution signs and make a u-turn.

Catch Feelings

10 Things to Do If You Catch Feelings for Someone You Don’t Want

We can’t always control the people we end up falling for. If you really don’t want to catch feelings for someone, here’s what to do.

how to ask someone out over text

How to Ask Someone Out Over Text and Get That Satisfying Yes

Asking someone out is a very scary thing. In order to increase your chances of getting a yes, you’ll need to know how to ask someone out over text.

Tinder Openers

15 Tinder Openers to Leave Them Captivated & Interested Instantly

When it comes to finding that special person online, you’ll need some powerful Tinder openers to get them interested ASAP. These will help.

how to care less in a relationship

How to Care Less in a Relationship: Finding the Perfect Balance

Some people just care more than others, it’s a personality trait. If you feel like you care too much, you can learn how to care less in a relationship.


Real Attractiveness: 20 Dos and Don’ts that Play a Very Big Part

Beauty is skin deep, but true attractiveness is on the inside and who you are. Being attractive means people want to be with and around you.

Good Morning Text

20 Reasons a Good Morning Text is So Important: Make Their Day

You may think that a good morning text is pointless but it can mean more than you know. This is why it’s so important and how you can make it the best.

go dutch on a date

Should You Go Dutch on a Date? 10 Reasons You Should Keep It Even

Going on a first date can be very, very awkward. Do you go dutch on a date or just let them pay? Here’s why you should and how to do it right.

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