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how to make conversation over text
How to Make Conversation Over Text So You Never Bore Your Crush

Knowing how to make conversation over text is crucial if you want to entertain your crush and get them to like you. Here’s how to do it.

Dead End Relationship
Dead End Relationship Alert: 7 Blatant Signs that Predict a Fail

A dead end relationship is exactly what it implies. When in one, you start on a road to nowhere. Make sure to spot these caution signs and make a u-turn.

Snapchat Streak Rules

Snapchat Streak Rules: How to Keep Your Intimate Connection Alive

Maintaining your streak on Snapchat isn’t as easy as you may think. Following these Snapchat streak rules can help keep that special connection open.


Super Self-Obsessed: 22 Secret Signs You’re Dating an Egomaniac

Think you might have an egomaniac in your love life? Here are 22 ways to tell if they’re in love with you or just themselves.

Instant Relationship

Instant Relationship: How to Slow Down and Prepare for Happiness

If you’re someone who has a tendency to rush into things, you end up in an instant relationship. Here’s how to slow it down so you can be happy.

Bumble vs. Tinder

Bumble vs. Tinder: Which Hot Dating App Best Fits Your Love Needs?

When it comes to finding love, you may turn to dating apps to find the one. But which is best for you? Let us break it down with Bumble vs. Tinder.


Are You a Sapiophile? 13 Traits that Make Someone a Lover of Wit

Turned on by their intelligence? If you’re turned on by a date with their nose in Shakespeare or Galileo, you are a sapiophile.

Double Texting

Double Texting and Second Texts: 6 Basic Rules to Play It Cool

Afraid of looking too eager? You should be. Today’s dating world has all sorts of rules and boundaries. Make sure to follow the double texting rule!

Strictly Platonic

Strictly Platonic: Why You Should Never Use the Word Friendzone

Has your crush told you they don’t feel the same way as you and want to stay strictly platonic? Here’s why you shouldn’t ever say they friendzoned you.

Intellectual Questions

Intellectual Questions: 43 Cues to Spark Smart Talk with Anyone

If you want to impress someone with your intellect, you need to start an intellectual conversation. Here are 44 intellectual questions to ask them!

how to use tinder

How to Use Tinder: Your Walkthrough to Find Love or a Fling Thing

It seems like everyone uses Tinder these days, but maybe you’re someone who has yet to try it. So, here are some tips for how to use Tinder.

lesbian dating apps

Lesbian Dating Apps: The 5 Best Apps for Some Girl-on-Girl Lovin’

Tinder isn’t bad but there has to be other lesbian dating apps out there. Tinder isn’t even specifically for lesbians, is it really catering to you? No.

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