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Is it Better to be Single or in a Relationship?

single or in a relationship?

Is it better to be single or in a relationship? Do you ever feel like switching roles because the other side seems to be having more fun? Read this to understand how relationships and being single actually work.

Single or in a relationship?

There are times in our lives when we feel we could have more fun if we just switched sides between being single and being in love.

And then there’s the questions, is it better to be single or in a relationship?

Why does the other side always seem to be having so much more fun? Is it an optical illusion that we mortals fall for all the time, or is it just something that we are born with, something like a seventh sense that always makes us want to stray.

We’ve seen our ancestors move from one land to another in search of the proverbial ‘greener pastures’.

But do we really have to move from one situation to another, in the hope of figuring out the answer to whether one side is really greener and happier than the other side, to face the real questions, is it better to be single or in a relationship?

It happens to us all the time.

Better to be single or in a relationship?

When you’re single, all your friends talk to you about how good it is to see someone, and be a couple. But when you fall in love, hitch with someone and you’re happy, you always find several of your friends telling you about how good being single really is.

Your friends tell you about the parties they’ve been to lately and they rattle out a long list of one night stands and flings, talk about the game or the shopping spree you missed with them.

At times, somewhere deep inside yourself, you begin to wonder if it made sense. Are the people around you actually having more fun in life, just because they aren’t in a situation that you are in?

If you are single, you jump into a crappy relationship only to run out with a broken heart. On the other hand, there will be times when you would walk out of a perfect relationship just because you assume your single friends are having more fun than you are.

But you have to know this, grass is grass. It’s not going to be any different if you’re single or in a relationship. Unless, maybe if you were Snoop Dogg, in which case, perhaps Alabama grass would be a better experience than some other grass. But anyways, at the end, I’m sure even he would agree that grass is grass, and it’s all the same.

Fickle minds and relationships

It is human nature to want something that you don’t have already. If you were at a restaurant and you ordered a steak, and the person at the next table ordered a whole chicken, it’s human nature to wish you would have ordered the whole chicken instead. Now what do you do? You eat your steak, constantly eyeing the apparently delicious chicken in the next table, and you don’t feel like eating the steak anymore.

You think about it, and call your waiter and order the whole chicken. The dish is served to you and you dig in, expecting to relish the dish that had you drooling for so long. The first bite tastes delicious, just as you expected. You take a few more bites and you realize that you like the steak better!

You think again. Now, you push the whole chicken away and try to eat the steak, but the cold meat only leaves you with a bad taste in the mouth. Now you regret the whole episode and wish you wouldn’t have been deceived in the first place. But you should be happy you didn’t order the fish that the chap at the corner table had ordered!

We all want things in life, without really knowing if we really want it. It’s human nature. But it’s in our own hands to overcome it, or fall for it.

So is it better to be single or in as relationship? Well, there’s a lot more to understand about that. Click here to continue reading about whether you should be staying in love or staying single.

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5 thoughts on “Is it Better to be Single or in a Relationship?”

  1. Kate Moss says:

    Sometimes love can hurt especially when it gets no response. In this case one can say it’s better to be single. But sometimes when you come home and there’s noone who can say ‘Hi’ or “how are you?” – that’s also terrible. I guess it largely depends on a person – if you prefer being single – stay single and don’t care about love at all. If you want to love – love and don’t ask to be loved in return. Just love!

  2. Laura Beschmann says:

    I’d rather be in a relationship – because I don’t like to spend my Sunday nights home alone

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