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How to Write a Dating Profile: 13 Easy Ways to Set Yourself Apart

how to write a dating profile

In the wide ocean of dating websites, knowing how to write a dating profile allows you to cast a bigger net and catch a potential partner suited to you.

Effective marketing is a key aspect to successful enterprise. Online dating included. In the same way a job-seeker requires an enticing resume to get an employer’s attention, a person looking for love online needs to know how to write a dating profile to be successful in their search.

How to write a dating profile

“But I’m not that much of a writer.” While it may help, it’s not absolutely necessary. The perfect dating profile is not purely the quality of word-stringing involved. Instead, it’s the content, ideal length, and the amount of identity you put in it. So, when faced with the section asking you to “tell me something about yourself” remember the tips to follow.

#1 Be more specific and avoid the usual clichés. One pitfall for online dating profiles is the inclusion of the usual clichés such as “looking for the girl/boy of my dreams” or “need someone to add spice in my life.”

Including the usual, overly-used clichés makes your dating profile seem like it came from the late 1990s. The modern dating profile requires you to be more specific in telling what you want and who you actually are. [Read: Good Tinder bios that get you dates]

#2 Use proper language. There are some people who confuse crass as something cool. So, they include gutter language in every sentence of their dating profile. Not only is it a pain to read, but it only shows you’re not someone to be taken seriously. Instead, replace crass with class by using proper, civilized language that commands respect and admiration. [Read: 16 tips to make a good first impression]

#3 Mind your spelling and grammar. Spelling and grammar is a minor mistake causing major problems for your dating profile. It is too risky to be left unchecked. Getting grammar and spelling wrong is a pet peeve for some people, especially the bookish, intellectual types. So, it won’t hurt to give your dating profile a quick spelling and grammar check before posting it online.

#4 Keep it in bite-sized length. You’re not writing a dissertation. Keep your dating profile to a digestible length that people in a hurry could to the end. Making it too long makes it boring to read. Keep it around a 100-150 word length.

#5 Use wit and humor. Witty and funny is the new sexy. When it comes to understanding how to write a dating profile that stands out, incorporating witty and funny ways to introduce yourself grabs the attention of people in that dating website or app. A funny or clever dating profile is not only entertaining, but is a fresh welcome to all those boring dating profiles littering the online dating scene. [Read: How to be witty and win over anyone]

#6 Add a bit of mystery. Like a trailer, leave a little bit of mystery to keep potential dating partners hooked on you. Writing a dating profile that immediately reveals all is like throwing your trump card out of the window. Giving them a little taste of who you are will immediately make them send that friend request to get to know you more.

#7 Avoid being too dramatic. Life itself is full of drama. Most people won’t want to see it in a dating profile. Being overly dramatic in your dating profile will not show people that you are a sensitive person like what you are imagining but will only give them a hint that you are probably someone they should avoid running into.

#8 Don’t make your profile purely about sex. People who make their dating profiles about sex alone probably ends up either (1) getting ignored or (2) meeting people just interested in sex.

After all, dating websites are filled mostly with people looking for a relationship. Having a dating profile purely about sex screams you are a desperate human being who just wants to get some, and you’ll probably just get ignored.

#9 Don’t brag. The idea of writing a good dating profile is to make yourself interesting to a target crowd, not to tell them you’re better than them in every aspect. Bragging is considered unattractive to most people.

It alienates them instead of interesting them. Because having a high-paying job, a fit body, or being good-looking may get your dating profile a lot of likes and requests, rubbing it in everyone’s face surely won’t. [Read: How to stop being a self-centered person]

#10 Paint a picture of who you want to meet, not just characteristics. Most of the time there will be a section of your dating profile where you specify the type of person you want to meet. From there, people write specifications like they are looking for a piece of furniture. Avoid the usual height, weight, eye, and hair color! Instead paint a picture of the personality of the person you want. This makes your dating profile more interesting to read.

#11 Don’t be too choosy, arrogant, and negative. If you want to know how to write a dating profile, remember that being too choosy, arrogant, and negative is counterintuitive especially in online dating. We hate to break this to you, but you’re in online dating because it’s hard for you to find a partner in real life.

#12 Keep the details real. Nobody wants to be with a fraud. And even if the false information you tell about yourself in your dating profile manages to get you a date or two, it is found out sooner or later. So, write your dating profile as honestly as possible. The less pretensions you have, the easier you’ll interact. [Read: 17 tips to talk about all the right things with your online date]

#13 Ask another person to write your profile for you if necessary. If you think you can’t handle writing your dating profile and if you know someone who can do a good job at it, ask them to write it for you. Sometimes other people are better at writing about you more.

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Like a new product needs good advertisement for recognition and sales, a person breaking into online dating needs to know to write a dating profile to score viewership hits and possible likes. 

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