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How to Make Conversation Over Text So You Never Bore Your Crush

how to make conversation over text

Knowing how to make conversation over text is crucial if you want to entertain your crush and get them to like you. Here’s how to do it.

Getting to know someone over text is hard. It’s tedious and if you don’t get the conversation moving in the right direction, you’re out of luck. Knowing how to make conversation over text so you don’t bore the person you really like can help you land that special someone.

If they’re always bored talking to you via texting, they won’t want to risk hanging out in person. They’ll see that you don’t have anything to talk about and they won’t want to waste their time on someone boring.

Why good conversation always leads to a great connection

You may not think that what you say over texting will make someone like you more but it will. When you say all the right things – and all the honest things – it helps someone get to know you better. You build up a banter that creates chemistry and when someone feels that chemistry over the phone, they’ll want to meet in person.

Not to mention the fact that great conversation opens the two of you up to each other. When you get talking, you learn a hell of a lot more about a person than you would if you just sat across the table from them and asked question after question. [Read: 25 good conversation starters for when you’re drawing a blank]

How to make conversation over text and seem exciting and fun

In order to avoid boring your crush to death, you’ll want to pick up a few pointers. Here’s how to make conversation over text exciting in a way that’ll draw their attention and keep it on you.

#1 Avoid typical greetings. “Hey, what’s up?” is not a great way to start a conversation. It seems innocent enough but they probably always get texts like that. In order to seem different and better than the others, you need to be unique.

Instead, start with something relevant to them. Something like, “Can you believe that last episode?” when referring to a show you both watch can be more than enough. [Read: 10 ways you can stand out from the crowd]

#2 Begin with a question. As I mentioned above, starting with a question is a really powerful way to get someone’s attention. Not only are you bypassing the boring way to greet them, but you’re texting them with a purpose. And that makes them feel a hell of a lot more important, and when you make someone feel important, they like you more.

#3 Don’t be afraid to dig deep. Don’t stick to casual conversation. If you want to know more about them, just ask. You can easily transition into some deeper questions just by saying something like, “Someone asked me about my least favorite part of childhood and I was wondering what yours was? Mine’s not being able to eat what I want, when I want! Lol.”

This is super simple, but it also reveals something about yourself while kickstarting a new conversation. They’ll feel more comfortable sharing something about themselves once you already have. [Read: 20 meaningful topics that ignite deep conversation]

#4 Focus on the real conversation. There are a lot of people who focus on getting the other person to like them by asking a bunch of questions about them. This is not the way to get someone’s attention over texting. It’ll just seem like an interview.

When the conversation is going and it’s pretty smooth, don’t halt it just to ask a question. Let things progress naturally.

#5 Use some emojis when necessary. If you want to make your conversations a little more exciting, use some emojis! Nothing gives a text conversation personality like a well-placed emoji. Use it to show emotion and make it fun and silly. Your crush will appreciate it. [Read: 20 flirty ways to text your crush and get them interested]

#6 Let go of dead conversations. When a conversation is done, it’s done. Stop trying to revive it. You’ll only make things awkward and they’ll be bored with the whole thing since they clearly don’t want to talk about it anymore. Just let the conversations end when they do and start up a new one! [Read: 8 signs you’re coming on way too strong]

#7 Talk about things they enjoy. If you know what they like to do, then start talking about it. People love chatting about what they’re passionate about. If you know they love painting, talk about that!

Ask what type they like, why they like it most, or who their inspiration is. Not only will they be grateful for you wanting to know about what they love, but they’ll also never forget how invested into their passion you were.

#8 Avoid short replies. Just stop with this. If you want to learn how to make conversation over text, you actually need to have a conversation. If you just send back, “cool,” when they talk about something, there’s nothing for them to work off of. You’re basically stopping the conversation right there.

#9 Ask follow-up questions. When you’re in the middle of a conversation, the best thing you can do is ask follow up questions about their response. If they tell you their opinion on something, ask how they came to it. It’ll keep the conversation going and also show them how invested in it you are – and how much you care to hear what they think. [Read: 60 questions to help you get to know them better]

#10 Talk about controversial issues. You may need to be careful with this one but if you do it right, you could have a great conversation that lasts a long time. You never want to talk about something that might offend them but talking about semi-touchy topics will always make for great conversation. Just be prepared for some friendly arguments. They can even be great.

#11 Avoid cliché topics of conversation. Nobody likes talking about the weather. Unless you have a crazy story about a storm that just went by, don’t talk about the weather. Make sure your conversations are unique and not something they could be talking about with anyone else.

#12 Use their social media to your advantage. I give you permission to creep on their social media, that’s right! You can get a lot of great ideas for conversation right from their feed.

If they share a post about something and have a strong opinion, you can bring that up. They clearly enjoy things on their social feeds so use what you can to get their attention. [Read: How to use your crush’s Facebook feeds to entertain them and get them interested]

#13 Send them memes you think they’d enjoy. Memes are always fun. And making your crush laugh will definitely earn you brownie points. Send over some funny memes and wait for their reply. Just make sure not to overdo it or send too many at once.

#14 Pay attention. Pay attention when they’re texting you. Notice what things they seem to talk a lot about and tailor your conversations to other similar things. In order to know how to make conversation over text, you need to know how to pinpoint what matters most to them. [Read: How to be a better listener and pay more attention]

#15 Don’t overthink everything. When you sit and think about what you’re going to say and go over every word multiple times, you’ll panic. It’s not necessary. Send what you feel and keep the conversation genuine. If you try too hard, it’ll show.

[Read: How to keep a conversation going with the opposite sex]

In order to make progress with your crush, you need to know how to make conversation over text, and good conversation. These tips will help you stand out from the crowd and get their attention.

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