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15 Rebound Relationship Signs To Watch Out For

rebound relationship signs

Are you in a new relationship after a recent breakup? Find out if you’re in a rebound or a serious romance with these 15 rebound relationship signs.

Heartbreaks can be painful.

And at times, nothing can heal heartbreak better than a perfect rebound relationship.

[Read: Rebound relationships and why they’re perfect after a breakup]

But are you in an intentional rebound relationship?

Do you think you’re really serious but find yourself getting confused about whether you’re actually in a rebound relationship?

Signs of a rebound relationship

If you’re in a rebound relationship, it’s always best to tell your new lover that you’re not ready for a serious relationship just yet.

It’ll help both of you take things slowly without too many expectations or heartbreaks.

Here are 15 rebound relationship signs that can help you understand the emotions you’re going through.

If you find that you’re experiencing more than a few of these signs, there’s a good chance you’re in love only to get over an older love!

#1 You just want to date someone, anyone. If you’ve been dumped by your ex or have experienced a bad relationship, you helplessly get drawn to anyone who gives you attention.

Your mind subconsciously wants to experience love again, and even if you want to avoid dating for a while, you can’t help but fall into the trap of love almost immediately.

#2 The sex is great. But you have no idea about how the relationship is going. You’re having a lot of fun in your new lover’s arms, but you don’t even know what kind of a relationship you’re in. You’re more focused on the fun part of the new romance than the serious parts that really matter in a new relationship. [Read: New relationship advice to have a perfect start]

#3 You don’t remember how you got over your ex. It takes time to get over someone you truly loved. For some, it may take a few weeks and for others, it may take several months. If you’re already happy in a new relationship, but have no recollection of how you got over your ex, chances are you’ve rushed into something new before you could finish the last chapter of your old love. [Read: The right way to get over a broken heart]

It’s a risky move because you’ve left the crucial ending unfinished and it may come back to haunt you when you’re having a rough patch in your new relationship.

#4 You often talk about your ex with your new partner. It may seem like you’re opening up to your new lover by frankly talking about your ex like you have no feelings for them. But deep inside, the whole reason you’re talking about your ex with anyone who cares to listen is because you still have feelings for them. [Read: How to stop thinking about someone you like]

#5 You have mood swings. You may find yourself in a confused state of mind often even though you’re happy in your new romance. Almost always, you’ll be happy when you’re with your new squeeze but depressed and confused when you’re alone.

#6 You fantasize about your ex getting back to you. Do you spend a lot of time imagining scenarios that involve your ex? Do you like thinking about how your ex would feel seeing you in your new lover’s arms, or do you wonder if your ex is still thinking about you?

You may try to convince yourself that you’re over your ex and happy in a new relationship, but the fact that your ex still occupies so many of your happy thoughts means you’re still not over them. [Read: Signs your ex is thinking about you]

#7 Your friends are surprised to hear that you’re dating already. Your friends are at times the best judges of your dates and your love life. They can see the entire picture without being biased about your old relationship. If your friends think it’s too fast, it probably is.

#8 You keep your eyes open. You want attention. You just want to reassure yourself that you’re still hot stuff and can get attention whenever you want. You find yourself constantly looking out even though you’re in a new relationship already.

#9 You don’t try to take things slowly. If you’re truly in love, you’ll be afraid to take chances or make any hasty moves. But if you’re in a rebound relationship, all you’d want to do is go full speed ahead into the relationship because you don’t really care about losing your new love.

#10 You’re going with the flow. You’re not trying to make the relationship work. You’re happy and your new date is happy. You don’t look for ways to keep the relationship alive. All you want is someone who can hold you when you want to be held.

#11 Old love memories in the open. You still have photos or memorabilia of your ex and you find yourself staring at it now and then. You know it’s wrong, but you enjoy the torture of reminding yourself about the heartbreak. [Read: What should you do with old love letters?]

#12 You still feel weak when your ex says hello. Or you feel sick. Either ways, you experience extreme emotions when you see your ex. All you want is to be in a better place than your ex by ensuring that you’re in a relationship with someone else. You try hard to convince yourself that you’re now happier than ever before. [Read: Signs you’re jealous of your ex]

#13 You look for ways to bump into your ex. You don’t voice it out, but deep inside, you wish you could bump into your ex again. You hang out in your ex’s favorite spots with your friends or even your new date, and secretly hope to see them again.

#14 You know you’ll go back into their arms if they make an effort to woo you. You may hate your ex or feel relieved to have ended the relationship with them. You may even be happy with your new partner. But deep down inside, you know you’ll step right back into your ex’s arms if they just make a sweet move at you. [Read: Are you ready to date your ex again?]

#15 You don’t feel like you’re serious about the relationship. There’s no bigger rebound relationship sign than this one. If you’re in a relationship for any reason but love, it’s a sure sign that you’re only passing through a rebound relationship to bide your time. [Read: Revealing signs that tell if you are not in love]

Just because you’re experiencing these signs of a rebound relationship doesn’t mean your new found romance is doomed from the start.

These 15 rebound relationship signs can only reveal your current state of mind. The decision to enter the next phase of love or just play it casual is still in your own hands. [Read: How to love again after a breakup]

Use these 15 rebound relationship signs only to understand which stage of a relationship you’re in since your breakup. And whenever you feel like you’re ready, take the plunge into better things.

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Francesca Marie
Francesca Marie
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6 thoughts on “15 Rebound Relationship Signs To Watch Out For”

  1. DrKailas says:

    Nothing wrong with dating soonmee else, but everyone is right, take it slow. If you’re fresh out of a relationship, you’re going to still be thinking about the ex. From my experience you’ll bring baggage into the new relationship that shouldn’t be there. You may compare this new person to your ex, which may not be fair. You may punish this new person for things your ex did that hurt you, things that this new person may do that just remind you of that hurt. You may not even really like this new person all that much once you get to know them, you just liked the feeling of not being alone and avoiding those feelings of being hurt because a relationship just ended. Just make sure you’re dating this person for the right reasons.

  2. nadezhda moskovkina says:

    say no to rebound relationships…we dont grow become mature and better which is a huge loss to us in life and more often than not people do rebound with playboys or normal ones but below their league and different types! Dr Rajan Bhonsle, a relationship counsellor, agrees, saying,

  3. PheromonePro says:

    It feels hellish to lose someone who was once so close to you and then find they are in another relationship so soon. But even if you know it’s a rebound, you can’t help but feel that twinge of anger, jealousy, sadness for it… a lot of people try to get over relationships this way but its always going to be a drama when your friends and family see you jumping from relationship to relationship. The best way to get over a relationship is to focus on yourself… for me personally, I took up a major passion for freestyle dancing and as a result get much more attention from other women, including my ex who is insanely jealous that my new partner is better looking.

    Life has a strange way of working things out! Stay strong ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Charles says:

    Be careful what you are throwing away..”The Grass is always Greener on the other side”. BUT..After the novelty wears off and you grow a bit….Well
    maybe that new grass may have more “Brown Spots” than the Grass you left..

  5. Brandi Butcher says:

    I was with my ex for a little over 4 and a half years, engaged since 8 months in. For the last two years we lived together. We also work together. I felt blindsided. Work slowed down and we started having financial difficulties. He became depressed, and I wasn’t aware of it til he started drinking. Then, he said we should take a break to work on ourselves. He wanted to start living a healthier lifestyle and felt he couldn’t do it with me and my 9 year old son in the house (no willpower for junk food, I suppose) and thought I should get in a better spot financially. He took my ring back. Said he was going to move a mutual friend in to help with the bills that I was paying. I find out that he moves a girl in that he’d been talking to since around Halloween (he moved me out on Monday the week of Thanksgiving) the same week he moved me out. He met her at our workplace – she was a customer. I had my suspicions when he mentioned seeing other people when he suggested we take a break. I started asking questions and found she’s an exact opposite of me (parties, drinks, smokes, etc) and seems to not have anything in common with my ex besides she like to drink and gamble (from what I see and know to be true). Now, there was a 2-3 week period between him breaking up with me and moving me out; I was still thinking we were together since we lived together. We even had sex one last time in that time frame. But, when I found out that he moved her in and then PROPOSES a week later, I lost it. I thought, how can he do that to me? How can he do that to her? Is he crazy? Is she crazy? Doesn’t she see that she’s a rebound and she’s only there because he can’t live on his own? It’s been about a month since he’s seen me outside of work. I’ve been working out a lot since before our split and he’s noticed. He tells me that, even though he’s engaged, that I’m the prettiest girl he’s ever been with and that he still cares and worries about my son and me. He even got him a Christmas present, which didn’t sit well with me or his new fiancee (my son is from my 1st marriage). I have to remind him of the harsh words he said to me as to why he dumped me and that his new fiancee should be the prettiest girl to him and that he needs to worry and care about her, if he’s as over me as he says he is. I’m still in love with him and am having a hard time moving on. I never would’ve gotten involved with a co-worker if I didn’t think it was going to work out. But, for him to do say those things to me, and then brag about how much better this new girl is than me and how happy he is, I can’t help but wonder if he really is. Is he in over his head? Is this a real rebound? Does he want what he can’t have? Does he secretly want me back once I get on my feet again? I guess only he and God knows and time will tell. As for me, I’m putting in long days and hard work, focusing on bettering myself, and going out when it’s for fun, not romance. Anyone else see their ex go from the fire to the frying pan? Did it last?

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