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Long Term Relationship Poll – What Matters Most?

long term relationship poll

Finding someone attractive or falling in love is easy. But staying in love, and cruising through the roads of a long term relationship is the difficult part.

See this long term relationship poll to know what the Lovepanky readers had to say about what really matters most in a long term relationship.

What matters most in a long term relationship?

Long Term Relationship - Long term relationship advice

Long term relationship – What’s the verdict?

From what we see, a huge number of readers (65%) believe that trust and honesty is the most important factor in any long term relationship, followed by communication (17%) and chemistry (11%).

So if you really want to ensure that you and your sweetie are still holding hands while taking a walk in your eighties, then ensure that you have a lot of trust in each other, and are honest.

Lovepanky Says

We’ve always believed that trust and honesty is the most important requirement of a long term relationship, but do remember that many other factors do influence whether we trust our partners or are truthful to them. After all, if you stop communicating or start to drift apart with different interests, or find yourself attracted to someone else due to lack of chemistry, it all leads to the proverbial doom in the long term relationship.

Trust and honesty definitely is the most important factor in a long term relationship, but that doesn’t mean other things don’t count.

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