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naked at home

20 Things That Are Best Done Naked at Home

Want to spice up your home life? Why not try doing any one of the following tasks in the nude—just make sure the curtains are shut first!

Philip Hegarty by Philip Hegarty
signs you should break up

20 Signs You Should Break Up and Throw in the Towel

When a couple start to drift apart, the early warning signs of a break up may not be apparent, even when they know there’s nothing worth fighting for.

Philip Hegarty by Philip Hegarty
how to be the fun partner in a relationship

10 Cheerful Ways to be the Fun Partner in a Relationship

Every relationship needs a little fun occasionally, and if your partner has the wit and charm of a verruca, then it’s time to step up to the plate.

Philip Hegarty by Philip Hegarty
good qualities in a guy girls find attractive

10 Great Qualities in a Guy that Girls find Attractive

In the world of dating, guys are up against some pretty stiff competition. Read on to discover how to go from practically pathetic to pitch-perfect.

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trophy wife

What is a Trophy Wife and Why do All Men Desire One?

Trophy wife, arm candy, human jewelry—whatever term you use, this particular phenomenon is one that nearly all men subscribe to.

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is your partner trying to move in?

Is Your Partner Trying to Move In Without Telling You?

Got to the stage where moving in is on the cards, but only one of you seems to have a say? Read on to identify the signs of a sneaky move in.

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what your pet name says about you

What Your Pet Name Says About Your Relationship

Don’t just take whatever your other half calls you behind closed doors at face value. Your pet name could reveal a lot about how they view you.

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sexy kinks

10 Kinks Adventurous Couples Have to Try at Least Once

A healthy physical relationship is an important part of any couple’s life. But even the most loving couple needs to spice things up occasionally.

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signs he's not enjoying sex

10 Signs He’s Not Enjoying What You’re Doing During Sex

Are you starting to suspect that your male lover may not be enjoying sex as much as you first thought? Read on to identify the giveaway signs.

Philip Hegarty by Philip Hegarty
things you hate about your partner

20 Annoying Things It’s Okay to Hate About Your Partner

Not everything in your relationship is always going to be perfect. There will be things about your partner you’ll never like… and that’s okay.

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