Paul Timothy or “Morty” (as he likes to call himself) is a writer-photographer based in Manila. After finishing a degree in Psychology he found himself swept in the corporate world where he currently holds a day job as a keyboard pusher for an Australian financial firm. When he’s not wearing his tie he auctions his word-stringing skills to the highest bidder, having previously written for a software catalog website before offering his sword to LovePanky’s cause. Whatever pay he gets he squanders on books, video games, film cameras, and on his cat-loving girlfriend. And whatever free time his girlfriend allows him he divides between podcasts, British comedy, his handwritten journals, and his favorite: walking the streets of Manila in search of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s ever-elusive “decisive moment.”

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signs she wants you to chase her

12 Signs She Wants You to Chase Her: Is She Just Being a Tease?

It used to be a lot more cut and dried, guys pursued girls. Now it can be either, these signs she wants you to chase her will help you know what to do.

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay
Finding Peace

Finding Peace: How to Calm Your Mind & Make Peace a State of Mind

Yesterday’s religion is today’s self-help book or TED talk, yet we still search. So why is finding peace so difficult and elusive to us?

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay
Cunnilingus Techniques

Cunnilingus Techniques: Secrets to Make Her Cum with Your Tongue

If you’ve wanted to go from beginner to pro in oral sex, you have to spiff up your cunnilingus techniques. Wait until you wow your partner.

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay
Eye Fucking

Eye Fucking: Master the Art and Get Them to Eye Fuck You Back

“The eyes are the windows to the soul,” as the saying goes. But you might not know this phrase: eye fucking. So, what exactly is it?

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay
Modern Relationships

Modern Relationships: Have They Changed for the Better… Or Worse?

Have relationships evolved over time? You bet! Modern relationships are fast-paced and you don’t hear about courting as much. So what exactly are they now?

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay
Nipple Play

Nipple Play: How to Pleasure a Girl by Focusing on Her Breasts

Female breasts always elicit a strong desire from men to touch, kiss, and suck. But you need to know how to do nipple play properly.

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay
male sex toys

10 Hi-Tech Male Sex Toys That Change the Way We Do Sex

Everyone loves sex, but not everyone loves sex toys. However, here are some very hi-tech male sex toys that can change the way we do sex.

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay
signs of female arousal

Signs of Female Arousal: 14 Ways to Recognize the Horny Girl Mode

It’s pretty obvious when a man is aroused… I mean, it’s visible, right? But the signs of female arousal might not be so easy to read.

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay
porn on netflix

Porn on Netflix: The Naughtiest Borderline Porn Titles on Netflix

Have you ever wondered if there was porn on Netflix? Well, with these steamy titles, they may as well be! Check out this list and settle in for fun.

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay
how to tell if someone is jealous of you

How to Tell if Someone is Jealous of You: 13 Signs of Bad Envy

Not sure why they treat you the way they do? Maybe they’re just jealous! Wondering how to tell if someone is jealous of you? Watch for these signs.

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay