Paul Timothy or “Morty” (as he likes to call himself) is a writer-photographer based in Manila. After finishing a degree in Psychology he found himself swept in the corporate world where he currently holds a day job as a keyboard pusher for an Australian financial firm. When he’s not wearing his tie he auctions his word-stringing skills to the highest bidder, having previously written for a software catalog website before offering his sword to LovePanky’s cause. Whatever pay he gets he squanders on books, video games, film cameras, and on his cat-loving girlfriend. And whatever free time his girlfriend allows him he divides between podcasts, British comedy, his handwritten journals, and his favorite: walking the streets of Manila in search of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s ever-elusive “decisive moment.”

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Proper Social Etiquette

Proper Social Etiquette: 12 Rules that Redefine Modern Manners

Have we lost our manners? Here are 12 bits of proper social etiquette the modern world needs to embrace again—whether at the office or abroad.

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay
titty sex

Titty Sex: How to Make Booby Sex Feel Like a Blast for Your Girl

Titty sex. We see it in mainstream porn most of the time… but have you ever tried it with your own woman? Here are some must-know tips to please her.

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay
what does a vagina feel like

What Does a Vagina Feel Like? 21 Confessions From Men

The question, what does a vagina feel like, is what you would imagine a hormone-raged pubescent boy would ask. However, the ladies are no exception.

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay
signs a girl is interested in you

Signs a Girl is Interested in You: 18 Hints She’ll Drop Your Way

When a guy likes a girl, he probably wants to ask her out on a date right then. But can you recognize the signs a girl is interested?

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay
fun things to do at home

25 Fun Things to Do at Home When You’re Bored, Broke and Alone

Going out costs money. The food, drinks, gas, it eats a significant amount of your week’s budget. But there are fun things to do at home to save some cash.

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay
how to let a girl know you like her

How to Let a Girl Know You Like Her: Without Really Telling Her

No man is immune to nerves when he likes a girl. If you’re wondering how to let a girl know you like her, here’s how to beat the stress and ask her out.

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay
Romantic Sex

Romantic Sex: 15 Ways to Go from Ordinary Sex to Romantic Fantasy

We all agree that sex is good. But if there’s anything better than regular sex, it can only be passionate, romantic sex! Guys, up the romance.

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay
sex tricks to give a girl an orgasm

13 Subtle Sex Tricks to Give a Girl an Orgasm Every Single Time

Women find the big O easy, right? Not exactly. A woman’s orgasm is different from a man’s. Dig in, and check out 10 tips to guarantee her orgasm.

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay

How to Finger a Girl: 10 Fingering Techniques to Make Her Orgasm

Learning how to finger a girl properly is an important sexual lesson to learn. Master it and you can turn a dull sex session into a wow session for her.

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay
Buying Condoms - how to buy condoms

Buying Condoms: The Newbie’s Complete Guide to Using Condoms

Nowadays, condoms are an essential that every guy of age must have. So, here are some important things that you need to know about buying condoms.

Paul Mangay by Paul Mangay