A writer isn’t born, but created out of experiences. No lack of subject matter, my life reads more like fiction than anything that could have been imagined in the head of a storyteller. While being in the throes of caregiving for my husband, who subsequently died at the age of 35 from pancreatic cancer, I found my voice telling the world of his challenges and documenting the fallout of those he left here after he was gone. Relationships are very complex things and don’t come with instruction manuals.

All we can do is to try to find consensus, ask for opinions and help from those around us, and always listen to what our inner voice tells us is right. We are all in it together for a reason, drawing strength from others is sometimes the only way to survive. I hope I help someone out there to not only survive but to thrive the way countless of strangers and loved ones have helped me. Relationships can be hard, heart breaking and desperate, but they are also the things that make our hearts soar, give our lives meaning and pull us through unimaginable circumstances as we make our way through this journey. As the love of my life has told me many times, peaks and valleys Jules, peaks and valleys.

Latest Features by Julie Keating

losing a best friend

Losing A Best Friend: How to Overcome the Pain and Find Closure

People come in and out of our lives, but there are those you depend on. Losing a best friend isn’t a minor thing, and you need to grieve the loss.

Julie Keating by Julie Keating
how to choose between two guys

How to Choose Between Two Guys When You’re Torn and Can’t Decide

Like all first world problems, knowing how to choose between two guys might seem like the problem of a spoiled brat. But it is a super hard decision.

Julie Keating by Julie Keating
what makes a man sexy

What Makes a Man Sexy: 15 Desirable Traits that Make You Hot AF

Sexy is in the eye of the beholder, that is why love is such a mystery. However, there are some agreed upon things for what makes a man sexy.

Julie Keating by Julie Keating
Girly Girl

Girly Girl Guide: 20 Tomboy Tweaks to Be Unapologetically Girly

There are two types of girls in this world, the girly girl and the tomboy. Switching sides is never easy, but sometimes it can be fun!

Julie Keating by Julie Keating
loving someone with depression

Loving Someone with Depression: Why It’s Not Your Job to Fix Them

Loving someone with depression can strip you of your own joy. You can’t save them. Only they can save themselves, it isn’t your fault they’re sad.

Julie Keating by Julie Keating
why do girls like bad boys

Why Do Girls like Bad Boys? Why It Feels Oh-So-Good to Date One

To a nice guy it doesn’t seem fair. You are respectful in love, but the bad boy seemingly swoops in and leaves you wondering, why do girls like bad boys?

Julie Keating by Julie Keating
does my husband love me

Does My Husband Love Me? 10 Signs That Tell You What He Won’t

If you hit a roadblock with your partner and wonder, does my husband love me anymore? Look for these 15 signs to tell you which way you should go.

Julie Keating by Julie Keating
how to be positive

How to be Positive: Stop the Downturn and Find the Silver Lining!

It’s hard not to be negative when we’re bombarded with negativity all around us. But learning how to be positive in this chaos can change your life.

Julie Keating by Julie Keating
how to be charismatic

How to Be Charismatic Even If You Weren’t Born with the Mojo

Charming people are usually born not made. Take heart, even if you are a meek mouse, learning how to be charismatic is at your fingertips.

Julie Keating by Julie Keating
how to stop being a narcissist

How to Stop Being a Narcissist and Using People that Love You

When you ask how to stop being a narcissist, you believe yourself to be one. The good news is we all have the potential to change when committed to it.

Julie Keating by Julie Keating