Dr. Carol Morgan has a Ph.D. in communication and is a professor at Wright State University where she loves corrupting young minds. As a relationship and success expert, she also tries to imitate Oprah during her regular appearances on the TV show, Living Dayton. Although not a world-famous author or speaker yet, she’s working on it. Meanwhile, she's still building her online audience which is kind of working since her articles have been shared on social media well over a million times. She’s also a single mom of two boys who think she’s a horrible cook.

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twin souls

What are Twin Souls? 16 Signs to Know if You’ve Found Yours

We’ve all heard of soul mates, but do you know what twin souls are? Not many of us do. Here are the signs so you can know if you’ve found yours.

Dr. Carol Morgan by Dr. Carol Morgan
rules of life

The Rules of Life: 22 Secrets to Never Be Unhappy Again

Don’t you wish life came with a rule book? We all do. But don’t worry! Here are 25 rules of life to follow so you will never be unhappy again.

Dr. Carol Morgan by Dr. Carol Morgan

Heteronormativity: 14 Negative Consequences of a Sad Reality

Everyone wants to be accepted. And while our world is more accepting than it used to be, there’s no denying that heteronormativity still exists.

Dr. Carol Morgan by Dr. Carol Morgan
empty nest syndrome

Empty Nest Syndrome: 17 Signs and Ways to Cope with an Empty Nest

When a baby is born, it seems like an eternity until they to go to school. Then if you blink, you’ll find yourself with the empty nest syndrome.

Dr. Carol Morgan by Dr. Carol Morgan
how to date a girl

How to Date a Girl: 14 Steps Every Prince Charming Must Follow

Let’s face it – there’s not a class in school about relationships that teaches you how to date a girl. But have no fear! Here are some tips for you.

Dr. Carol Morgan by Dr. Carol Morgan
Intellectual Conversation

12 Meaningful Topics that Ignite an Intellectual Conversation

In the age of Twitter and selfies, sometimes people don’t know how to start an intellectual conversation. But here are some topics to get you started.

Dr. Carol Morgan by Dr. Carol Morgan
fear of not being good enough

How to Finally Get Over the Fear of Not Being Good Enough

No one has perfect self-esteem, although we would all love that. But don’t beat yourself up. Here’s how to get over the fear of not being good enough.

Dr. Carol Morgan by Dr. Carol Morgan
how to read people

How to Read People: The 12 Secrets to Figure Anyone Out Instantly

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the magic formula for figuring any person out? Well, it’s not too difficult, actually. Here’s how to read people.

Dr. Carol Morgan by Dr. Carol Morgan
how to treat your girlfriend

How to Treat Your Girlfriend like a Queen and Wow Her Everyday

You love your lady, but do you know how to treat your girlfriend? Here’s a look into the mind of a girl so you can make your girlfriend happy.

Dr. Carol Morgan by Dr. Carol Morgan
how to deal with bullies

How to Deal with Bullies: 13 Grownup Ways to Confront Mean People

Bullies have been around forever, and they’re only getting worse since they can now do it in cyberspace. Here are tips for how to deal with bullies.

Dr. Carol Morgan by Dr. Carol Morgan