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    Ok, I am a male, married longer than most of you are old. Let me tell you why these are great questions. My wife and I have a good sex life, but 3 to 4 times a year wego out of town for what we call an alone day. We will bring questions like these. We get up on the one day we have chosen. Get cleaned up, have some morning wine. Read these out loud and answer them. The big part of the day is to not climate for at least 4 hours. Anticipation is the gift no one tells you about. But even though we have been married like, forever. We can still find out new things about each other. I get the impression, from reading most of your comments, that you are in a un trusting, immature, jealousy driven relationship. Do not get married until you can be comfortable with ALL of these questions and the answers.


    Do woman like kinky sex?


    I totally agree with Rebecca. Women’s sexual needs are complicated. And if she feels like she can’t be COMPLETELY honest with you…..she might decide to completely honest elsewhere.


    I think these ?uestions are great for ppl who want to spice up their relationship but don’t know how to break the ice.


    honestly, i see how this could be fun.. but i don’t undrestand how asking my husband if he rather “sleep with my best friend or his” of the opposite sex.. increase intimacy in a our relationship.. i love my husband and i love when he opens up with me.. love exploring new ideas in bed with him …that involve only us… i don’t understand how bringing or talking about him being sexual involved with another person would make me love him more or bring spice into my relationship… in fact that would make me love him less.


    My question to you all is this. Do you want an honest and understanding relationship? If so wake up and realise if you can’t be honest with yourself how can you be honest with your partner.


    You guys are talking these questions to seriously,it’s all in fun and allowing you and your partner to speak about likes and dislikes. You guys are closed the ultimate joys of sex. You guys are young and have much to learn.


    Are you really serious? Any guy who buys into this batch of questions deserves what he gets. It is a great set of questions written by girls for girls. Anyone who thinks this will increase intimacy in a relationship deserves what they get. Abandon all hope Ye who venture here.


    I agree, Michelle. A few of these are cute, but would anyone in their right mind get turned on by the thought of their partner with someone else?


    It seems many of these questions could lead to a fight. I don’t find it sexy to think of my partner cheating on me especially with his ex.