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    Being strong with a spouse who is oblivious to working on things to a better level is not your fault. If your opinions are undervalued with anyone, friends, spouse, boss -notice it is their problem for being rude and they need to fix themselves…. It’s not always you having to fix you.
    You can ignore or grow from negativity but don’t ever let it define you! Have a happy life!
    @shanondawns. twitter


    I disagree at all – when we treat ourselves awfully, we can’t enjoy life very well – and the mascot of any person’s team, along with, obviously, the star VIP, is always ones self. So when were not on our own team, we basically lack endorsements. And it’s just a miserable way of living, but one that, when we find ourselves in, must be lived through purposefully and with steel determination and drive.


    I find this article rather catastrophizing and frankly, it overwhelmed me. The way I read it is like, here’s this fragile person and because the person does this, then that happens. And then this, that, this, that, etc, etc, and pretty soon ones life has snowballed out of control! It’s very defeating, and could make someone feel hopeless.

    I think it’s important to remember – and also respect – what makes a person so insecure that they lack self-respect the first place, and I think this article, even if the tumultuous illustration is accurate, misses appreciation for the cause of this toxic feeling by attempting to disinfect the wound with fear and bandage it with precisely what causes it in the first place.


    I love it, but there’s a key point here I’d like to emphasize: You cannot feel like your partner deserves so much better, or the other way around. You are with them because you think you two might just have what it takes to belong together, right? That means you are worth neither more nor less than your partner, and it will be a constant balancing act of respect, admiration, and love between you… and it will be very fun and fulfilling maintaining that balance :)

    just don’t let it stagnate.