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    Ugh, I totally know how easy it is to forget my girlfriend when I’m in a new relationship. My focus is solely on how I’d like to make this one work if they’re a decent guy, so my friends tend to hit the backburner for awhile and stop hearing from me for a little bit. I don’t realize how badly I do it until they start calling me up and asking where I’ve been. You really need to hang onto your friends in a relationship. They’ll be the support you come to rely on when things get tough – and they inevitably will lol.


    Respecting others is something we are always reminded to do but to respect ourselves often takes a back seat. In a relationship I have found that making my man a top priority is fine but making what I am a creative, independent, outspoken person also top priority. This means making time for myself by getting some me time away from the lovin’. It also means being able to express my opinion in any discussion while being taken very seriously. It also means knowing my worth as in this principle lies everything for me. It means I am operating in the principles of worth to really bring good things to our lives together. I have to work on myself in order for my relationship to work.


    The third tip should really be the first tip. Everyone, male or female, needs a bit of time to retreat into themselves in order to recharge their batteries and keep coming back strong. I have no idea how couples who spend their lives on top of each other 24/7 make it. In fact, I know few of them actually do. If you want to go the distance with your current lover, then be sure to take some time for you. Both of you will thank each other in the long run.