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1 comment


    I was 16 when I started losing weight. I was still a beta, sure, but I began lifting and running, and I went from 226 pounds to 177 in like 8 months. I feltand looked great and began doing all the activities that I was too scared to in the beginning of high school. For some reason, my Mom (50s at the time, kind of let herself go) was always saying the same thing. Like, for the first time ever I was actually attracting girls for a bit. I was still beta, but I was learning. I never understood why she said to stop losing weight so often… but I did understand that if I listened to her I’d probably be miserable again. This Dad-bod thing is absolute horse-shit. I think it’s the counter-swing of the fat acceptance movement. Feminists and SJWs have been saying that the 300 pound oaf of a woman is just as sexy – and they threw us a bone with fat dancing man, and this is the next step up. Dad-bods (or “skinny fat”) are the feminist version of fat acceptance. Of course it will breed a lot of blue pill bullshit. The thing that’s most goofy about this is that the female version of fat acceptance is for guys who have a slight gut, but the male version is an across-the-board landwhale appreciation movement. So fuc*ing transparent.